Pharmacovigilance includes all the activities designed to evaluate the information relative to the safety of pharmaceutical products, and to ensure that a favourable benefit/risk ratio exists for all the medicinal products launched on the market.
The Pharmacovigilance service of the Pharmaceutical Company is therefore responsible for collecting any reports of adverse effects that may be associated with the use of a medicinal product, even if these are already known.
To report an undesirable effect caused by the use of an MDM medicinal product, please fill in the appropriate report form which can be downloaded from the following link:
Alternatively, the report can also be submitted directly to the Company at the following contact details.
MDM has appointed the company Phast Consulting S.r.l. to manage its Pharmacovigilance and has appointed Dr.Marcella Falcone as MDM Pharmacovigilance Manager and EU QPPV.
These are the contacts for any Pharmacovigilance reports relative to MDM special medicinal products:
Dr. Marcella Falcone (MDM Pharmacovigilance Manager and EU QPPV)
Dr. Stefania Dellon (Delegate in the absence of Dr.Falcone)
Tel. 02.82775588
Mobile 3899809513
Fax 039.3305126